Kentaro Sato: Concert Band Works
Symphonic Tale: Peter Pan
Vol. 1 (full ens. ver.), & Vol. 2 (small ens. ver.)

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Music by Kentaro Sato

- Contents -

1. The Boy Who Won’t Grow Up / The Peter Pan’s Fanfare
2. Wendy’s Kiss
3. Tinkerbell / Flying to the Neverland
4. Pirates of the Jolly Roger
5. The Lost Boys
6. Cinderella, Wendy’s Story
7. The Mermaids’ Lagoon
8. The Never Bird
9. Dance of the Native Warriors
10. Memory of Mother
11. Hook or Me, This Time!
12. Return Home

(Total Playing Time 40:04)


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Performed by Philharmonic Winds HAMAMATSU
Conducted by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

(CNWP-0006 & CNWP-0007) Published on Aug. 1, 2021
(P)2021 Kentaro Sato & CLASSICAL NOVA LTD, produced and distributed in IL.

Philharmonic Winds HAMAMATSU (PWH) was founded in 2011 as the first professional concert band ensemble in Hamamatsu, Japan, a city known for music performance, music manufacturing, and music technology. All the members of PWH are originally from, or now living in, the Hamamatsu area. As an ensemble, PWH aims in its performances to provide more elevated and richer musical experiences for its audiences. Visit Official Website.