Symphonic Tale: The Place I Truly Belong
(Music from Stardew Valley)

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There will come a day when you feel crushed by the burden of modern life,
and your bright spirit will fade before a growing emptiness.
When that happens, my dear, you’ll be ready for this gift.

Story of “Stardew Valley”

 Because you are exhausted by your job and the pace of life in the city, you decide to move to an old farmhouse near Pelican Town in Stardew Valley that you have inherited from your grandfather. Once there, amidst the rich and sometimes magical nature that surrounds you, you start a new life in the rural countryside that you now share with your neighbors in the Valley.  Now, the gentle passing of the seasons is the new pace of your life.

Messages from Creators

 When VGM Classics approached me about doing a Stardew Valley orchestral album, I was immediately enamored with the idea. The thought of hearing the soundtrack to my little game played by a world-class orchestra was very exciting. When I heard the result, I was blown away. Mr. Kentaro Sato's arrangements bring a new depth to the music and carry it to a place I had never imagined before. Most important, each arrangement is filled with heart and soul, and with the magic of Stardew Valley. I hope that you enjoy this album as much as I do! (Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, Creator)

 There are creative works that sincerely communicate the values and wishes of their authors. Stardew Valley is such a work. I hope that this music reminds you of the scenes and scents of nature, the touch of the wind, and the things that you cherish most. (Kentaro Sato, Arranger & Conductor)

- Contents (sample) -
1. (Grandfather's Gift
2. Stardew Valley Overture: the Legacy
3. It's a Big World Outside
4. Nature's Crescendo
5. Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
6. The Heart of the Rainbow
7. Grapefruit Sky
8. A Sad Story
9. Starwatcher
10. Ancient Crystals of Winter
11. Night Market
12. Winter Festival
13. A Golden Star Is Born
14. 冒険 (The Journey)
15. Dark Corner of the Past / Stardew Valley: the True Self
 (Total Playing Time 50:58)

Orchestral Score:

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Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing video game created by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and first released in 2016 for the Microsoft Windows system. The original music was composed by the creator of the game himself, featuring a variety of musical styles and instruments that reflect, with a touch of fantasy, the rich nature and country life cycle that the player experiences during the game.

Original Music by Eric Barone
Arranged & Conducted by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)
Performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra
(CNVG-0005) Published on Aug. 15, 2020
(P)2020 CLASSICAL NOVA LTD, produced and distributed in IL.
This project was supported by 611 backers at Kickstarter.

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