Kentaro Sato: Japanese Choral Works
for Mixed Voices, Vol. 1

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Text & Music by Kentaro Sato

- Contents (sample) -
Choral Suite: Boku-no Kioku-no Dokokani
(Somewhere in My Memory)

1. Haru-no O'ngawa (A Revulet of Spring)
2. Ware-wa Uminoko (Child of the Ocean)
3. Mu'shi-no Koe (A Chorus of Autumn Bugs)
4. Yuki-no Omoide (Memory of Snow)

Choral Suite: Yozora-no Kioku-no Dokokani
(Memory of the Night Sky)

1. Ho'shi-wa Nani-wo (Stars, I wonder)
2. Tanabata-no Omoi (Wishes of the Star Festival)
3. Hanabi-to Tsuki-to (Fireworks and a Moon)
4. Oboro'dzukiyo-no Namida (Tears in the Night with a Hazy Moon)

Neko-no Okurimono (A Gift from Cats)
Ima (This Moment)
Kasanaru Koe-ni (To Layerd Voices)
Omoi-nga Ima (Ode to Expressiveness)
Tsuna'ngari (Connection)
E'ngao-no Maho (The Magic of Smile)
Mae-e (Forward)
(Total Playing Time 56:32)

Choral Score:

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Performed by Chorus Central
Conducted by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)
Piano by Noriko Naito

(CNWP-0002) Published on Jul. 30, 2019
(P)2019 Kentaro Sato & CLASSICAL NOVA LTD, produced and distributed in IL.

Chorus Central was founded in 2015 by its conductor, Kentaro Sato, for the express purpose of making recordings. Singers from all over Japan meet once a year for a practice camp and recording session. The original nucleus of the Chorus was provided by members of the Nagoya Youth Choir, which Sato conducted in 2013 and 2014. Visit Official Website.